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  Now lets talk about the software of the iPad

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Tổng số bài gửi : 140
Age : 29
Registration date : 14/01/2011

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Now lets talk about the software of the iPad   Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:48 pm

The apps have been modified a bit for the new capabilities though. For example photos are now arranged by event blocks. Tapping on a block of photos will show you a preview of the photos in that event (or map for windows users). However you can also view your most treasured memories by list, locatiiPad2 Caseon, faces or date. We can imagine that it will look really fantastic to manipulate the photographs on a huge touchscreen and to show it to your friends.
Another app Steve Jobs showed extensively was the Safari app. The browsing experience exceeds the desktop experience because you can touch and flick through the pages. And unlike the iPhone you nowBest iPad2 Accessories see the full webpages.
The App store will transform this device into things Apple alone could never achieve. You can run all the iPhone applications on it in either full screen or 1:1, the latter being the actual resolution we're used to from out favorite smartphone. But in addition to running the iPhone apps, the iPad will also get its own apps. iPad2 Covers for SaleDevelopers can create programs for it and utilize its full potential. The things we've seen in the keynote, including software from EA, looked okay but not very impressive. In a few months some amazing piece of codes will come out for the tablet we're sure.
I have taken everything into consideration and a few things bug me as of now. Firstly does tiPad2 Stylushe iPad have flash support? The tablet is suppose to deliver the best browsing experience ever, but flash is a big part of the experience.
Another thing is the hardware. Apart from the case and the touchscreen things aren't looking good on paper. It has a quadcore 1ghz processor built in from Apple, a company not specialized in these chips. I have iPad2 Chargersfears that this A4 processor might not be fast enough for the really interesting apps. Another downer is the lack of iSight camera. This thing would have been amazing for conferencing or instant messaging, an opportunity missed there. Other hardware figures are a mystery. Like how quick is the graphics chip? And how much system memory does it have tiPad2 Stando work with?
And last but not least I'm having a hard time giving the software my two thumbs up. I think it looks to much like the iPhone software. The iPad would have been a much stronger product if the software allowed some advanced things like video editing or the ability to access and store files in finder windows (or maps for windows users).

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Now lets talk about the software of the iPad
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