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 Laptop keyboard common faults and solutions

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Tổng số bài gửi : 140
Age : 29
Registration date : 14/01/2011

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Laptop keyboard common faults and solutions    Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:19 pm

laptop keyboard Keycap does not back, accidentally splashing water and dirty to clean up. Cap off the back of the case is not installed in the notebook computer users is very common, so under the following would share a common fault and repair skills bar.

First, make sure bracket is installed correctly, you can pick what bracket gently with a fingernail, if it normally moves up and down no problem, or first installed the bracket, the bracket is installed incorrectly into force on the keycap will certainly cause damage.

If the bracket has been installed, please note that there is a raised center of the keycap, the center of this bulge and stent elastic rubber must correspond to the middle of the concave portion. Installation method is to gently keycap on the stand, move around slowly, until the keycap back bulge corresponds to the middle of the concave part of rubber elasticity, properly aligned movement will feel when the keycap the resistance by elastic rubber, when can the keycap pressure, Cap will automatically latch on the clamp bracket, slightly issued in place of clicking sounds in the four corners of keycap hard click, to ensure that all four latches bite has been on the stand correctly, then you can use the keycap.

The case of stent fracture is too much trouble, you can see broken bracket is also barely functioning, if possible, do not need him, forcibly installed for future use caution is that if stand has been broken into is no longer available, you can consider other key used at least change over the stent, this can not affect the work of the emergency. Cap bracket is very small fragile parts must be careful.

If it is accidentally splashing water into the Dell XPS M1330 Keyboard, it should be the first time the machine upside down to prevent water flow into the motherboard catastrophic consequences. Then unplug the power forced shutdown with the battery, simply press the power button to force shutdown is not enough, because the main battery may still be short, so be sure to remove the battery and disconnect the power adapter.

Then dry the keyboard surface with a dry cloth of the water, try to remove the keyboard dry on the back of the water, then dried (best not to use the hot wind), while the host is also best to use cold wind within a day or else may be a ray of green power smoke on the Western Paradise.

Water, dried, if you find some of the key failure, please check again whether the water has been dry the Dell Inspiron 1440 Keyboard, the keyboard focus on examination of the location of wiring leads, in general, now the laptop keyboard will not be completely finished on a flood damage, clean and well run as long as there are still great hope to restore.

If you need to clean dirty keyboard, buy a good brush will not lint, after the laptop shut down on its side, then carefully clean the keyboard of the gap. Brush to keep dry and not water! After the completion of a bowl of water with a drop of detergent, then wrung damp cotton cloth to clean the surface of the keyboard, you can put into use after drying.

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Laptop keyboard common faults and solutions
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